Saturday, January 8, 2011

dari jari budak lensa



i'm actually want to share what i see and what i shot..and i hope you can share what you think or what you feel and what ever..sharing is caring ok!!hahahahaha

Nikon D3100
my zero the hero..hehe
birthday 2 December (^____^)
status: in relationship with Orange Pycae..kui3 (",) .
if you are my D3100, then i will be your hands and eyes..wee~

kat sini mak cik nak bgtaw satu planet bumi*muka senyum pisang sambil pegang microfon dengan muka tak malu..keh.keh.keh*

"i wannabe a great photographer!!insyallah..pray for me meh!!^_^"

im still learning how to be the great!!so i start my step to explore the world of photog by being a begginer..hehe

hope enjoy! 

kaki lensa

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